Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I really have no idea why this number is affecting me in any way. After all it's just a number...maybe it's because life is flashing before my eyes and I can't make time take a break. My mother moved to the U.S. in 1984 at the age of 36. At this time she had been married 12 years, had 4 children and was so much a woman. She was so independent, her decisions were her own and no one dare question. I, on the other hand feel like a kid. I always have family questioning my every move and decision and worse, is that I feel that I have to answer to them. 2009 so far has been very much about breaking that cycle. 34 is about bringing many plans and dreams into is my bucket list:

  1. TRAVEL TRAVEL TRAVEL....every chance I get, everywhere and anywhere (leaving on 7/17  for an overseas adventure)
  2. Find/create a job I love
  3. Actively pursue UCHUVA or let it go for ever (did jewelry for a wedding...)
  4. Be more generous and present to those around me
  5. Have a constant prayer/meditation practice
  6. Let go of 25lbs my body/mind is resisting to let go (6 lbs down...)
  7. Run a 5k...gotta start somewhere, right? (done 7/4)
  8. Go to Colombia and visit a place I've never been to before
  9. Go to Chile
  10. Complete Chalean Xtreme
  11. Become a LEED AP (done 6/24)
  12. Make a new I/Prosperity map
  13. Visit my friend Leah
  14. Run a 10k in the fall
  15. Find a new place to live: requirements: LIGHT, lot's of  closet space, nice kitchen, hardwood floors, Bethesda area, 2Bd/2Bth, within budget
  16. Visit Debi in September
  17. Buy a new car before the fall
  18. Run the Cherry Blossom half marathon in the spring
  19. Begin studying a new language with Jimmy
  20. Take a Chemistry and Biology class, prerequisites for grad school
  21. Learn about Permaculture
  22. Devote 2 hours a week to make art with Simone
  23. Create a constant weekly running routine...and stick to it
  24. Save more money than I spend on unnecessary purchases
  25. Smile and laugh more from my heart
  26. Get closer to a place in my life where I can have another baby
  27. Continue building a stronger family unit with my daughter and partner
  28. Seize opportunities wholeheartedly, with strength and faith
  29. Read at least 1 book per month
  30. Cut down on online idling 
  31. Take more afternoon walks with Simone
  32. Go see a broadway show
  33. Go on a romatic weekend get away with Jimmy...
  34. Celebrate my 35th birthday on the beach

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Anonymous said...

Hola Giselle, he leido algunas cosas sobre ti y te felicito por, por tu hijita y por la felicidad que reflejas.

Mi nombre es Kathy de Perú, tal vez seamos familia y es mi interes escribirte por que mi papá tiene primos en Colombia el cual perdió contacto hace mucho tiempo y bueno él quiere saber de ellos desde hace unos años pero no ha tenido suerte, tal vez esos primos que me cuenta sean tus padres o abuelos TAMINEZ.

Espero estes interesada en contactarme.
te dejo mi correo