Sunday, November 9, 2008


This is the most beautiful of the journeys I embark on everyday. I say everyday because each day is different and comes with its challenges and it's blessings. I am now in Orlando on a business trip and I miss my sweet Simone dearly. To hear her little voice on the phone is so listen to her excitement as she recounts the daily events in her life.

I can say the 7 is a challenging age. There are more of their own person and you begin to see a bigger influence of the outside world and the baggage even small children carry around. You see there insecurities and their dreams, you guide them through struggles. They become more imperfectly human and you as a parent have to conquer your own fears and struggles to help them navigate their own.

I find myself reacting like my parents reacted and I am trying hard to be a present and conscious parent. To let her to bloom into her own little person and maybe have her carry as light a baggage as possible.

Tonight I will be once again reunited with my baby girl...she is dreamy and I am so looking forward to it.

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