Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Everyday I am learning, as I have probably stated multiple times on this blog. Recently I have clearly seen the power of faith, the power of declaring, detaching myself from the outcome and moving forward. One clear example is my car. When I got back to DC and started my divorce process I got a used VW Jetta. Less than a month after having the car I got into a car accident- my very first car accident. Many people told me to get rid of the car and I immediately decided on my head that that was just something I couldn’t do. I was starting a new job, my credit wasn’t great (although by far better than it is now) and I had no money. The car was repaired and I continued to drive it on an 80 mile daily commute.

Six months later I got into another car accident, when a girl ran a red light. The car was never repaired properly, there were issues with the insurance and continued to keep the car, I have had no AC for years. Last year the car was parked for 5 months and then I had to put more than $2000 worth of repairs - and about $800 per year before. I still kept the car. In the last 9 months it has continued to fall apart, the dashboard looks like a Christmas tree. All this time I have been thinking “there is no way I can get a new car”. A couple of months ago, J was driving the car and put on the emergency brake. Something happened and since then, whenever you drive the car there is an annoying beeping sound. They have not been able to make it go away with out a big investment on my part. I was upset and then I took it as God saying “Giselle, I have tried everything I can think of to make you get rid of this car, I am now sending you the most annoying beeping sound as a reminder that you have to get rid of it. Don’t ask how you are going to get by, don’t worry that your credit is absolutely shot, just let it go” and so I did; and only because God chose the right signal this time.

So I told my great friend that I needed a new car and she replied by saying that she would buy it under her name (WOW!) then I mentioned it to my ex-husband and he offered to buy it too. A few weeks later he offered to give me his current car (2008 Volvo) because he doesn’t use while he’s working. I accepted and just flew down to Miami this weekend to pick it up _ needless to say it is great and probably up there as the best car I have ever had. I got offers from people to drive it up but I had to pay the ticket and it’s still an investment going down and gas. Then a friend calls me out of the blue, that she wants to go because she needs a few days off and will drive back with me (she saves herself the money for the ticket) and boom, it’s set. In fact I bought our tickets 3 weeks ahead and it’s probably the first time I buy tickets 3 weeks in advance to anything in my life. I also got to spend time with lovely girlfriends and have a great time!!

It all came together and I am just amazed at how when we are faced with challenges and we don’t react but just faithfully accept that this too shall pass and it all will be solved – we are delivered with beautiful miracles.

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