Sunday, November 16, 2008

girls just want to have fun!

These have been crazy times. A lot to keep me busy and entertained. This fall has been filled with small trips, the last of which whisked me away to Orlando with my colleague. We had lots of fun and even got to attend a Lionel Richie concert. We were so close we almost got LR sweat...I am actually happy we didn't get LR sweat. My colleague profoundly disagrees.

My parents who have been living in my home for the last year and a half, left a week ago for Colombia so this weekend was the first weekend in a long time that Simone and I had alone time.
I must say that I am so impressed by my ability to multi-task.

In just one weekend:
  1. Staffed a table for UCHUVA at a Holiday Show...we ROCKED!
  2. Went with Simone to my nieces cheerleading practice.
  3. Did laundry.
  4. Shopped for a babyshower gift.
  5. Had a yummy lunch at a restaurant with Simone.
  6. Attended the babyshower.
  7. Watched a very good family movie with my sweet princess.
  8. Read a book with Simone.
  9. Did more laundry.
  10. Cleaned Simone's room.
  11. Went to church.
  12. Went to get a snack and a craft for Tuesday's Brownie meeting that I will be hosting.
  13. Went grocery shopping.
  14. Cooked lunch.
  15. Cooked lunch for tomorrow.
  16. Cleaned kitchen.
  17. Spray painted boxes for Tuesday's craft.
  18. Watched 2 movies with Simone.
  19. Checked out Facebook.
  20. Cleaned my bathroom.
  21. Read with Simone.
  22. Tucked her in bed.
  23. Went's an addiction.
I did SO MUCH...I even managed to get 10 hours of sleep last night. Simone and I had so much fun, we chatted, joked, ate, played and loved each other tenderly all weekend. It was beautiful.

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