Sunday, July 26, 2009

stories from spain

I had meant to write a few days back but by the time we are getting home each day, I am exhausted. We have been in Spain for 8 days, all of which have amazing. Each day a whole new breathtaking adventure. We were in Madrid for 6 days and fell in love with the city so much that Simone and I declared that we would happily move there. We have been in Barcelona for 2, and although I had always dreamt of coming here and it's by all means a lovely city, we have not fallen in love....and to top it off, some hours ago on our way home, some one got into my purse and helped themselves to my camera and my cell. I had ALL the pictures from the trip there, all now lost...

So I am sad because we had some great times recorded there. Yesterday on our walk down Las Ramblas my Simo spent all her change to have pictures taken with all the performers on the street...Simone and I decided we were going to write it all down so we would remember and of course at least we have eachother to share the memories with....and my wallet was not taken, nor our passports stolen and we are ok, but it still feels so wrong when something like that happens. I just have to feel better tomorrow morning so we can continue with our trip, we still have a bit more than 2 weeks to go! oh, and I have to decide whether to get a new camera here or just continue to have all our memories in our hearts, just for us two to share.

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