Wednesday, December 17, 2008

my path

These have been trying weeks. I needed to read the wise words of Sue Monk Kidd to remember that the path of spiritual growth in never one of comfort. God allowed me allowed to catch my breath for twelve months and decided that for my own blessing it was time to move on. Funny thing because this is the first job I did not want to run from. So I am not looking at myself as part of the statistics or a victim of the economy, I am simply living this as a blessing that will take me closer to where I am supposed to go. I have had a lot of supportive friends, I feel moved to continue on the career path I had begun....but...there is a bit of tingling in my heart that has made me open to moving to other places and starting over...

Of course I always think of Simone and the support and love we have around but there is a big part of me that wants to expose her to the world and how our actions can transform lives. So we watched this together and found it very inspiring.

I am releasing to the universe that my soul is maybe ready to move on. The only thing that I am attached to I can take with me, so why tie myself down?

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