Monday, December 8, 2008


So I got laid off last Friday. To say the least, I was SHOCKED! and then devastated...that evening while talking to my sister-in-law, she says "you've been through divorce and tough times in the real estate market but you've always had money and you've always been fine and things have always turned out for the better"..."you are the luckiest person I know!"

To this I answered"...really? because to me it has always felt that anytime in life when I've felt I can breath and relax, the carpet is pulled from under me so that I fall on my ass AGAIN!" I then went on to say that I am resilient and I choose to make the best of any challenge and dust off and start building and creating the next chapter of my life but that it takes great effort and I was hoping to save myself from that work right now. The truth is that I was happy at my job, I enjoyed coming in everyday and I really liked my co-workers. I tire easily at jobs but at this one, I did not feel I was done no one gets to see the dirty work of being resilient!

On the other hand it really helped me see my life from that perspective, if anything all these falls have caused is that my world has expanded and I have grown. I get up faster now, cry less and get ready to fight it out sooner. I have to go back to my old lessons and remember that I have always done best when I let go quickly, do everything that is for me to do and let God take care of the rest. The details are not my problem...yesterday as I was leaving after picking up my things from work I did what I do at the end of yoga practice where you breath in the experience and it's gifts and then as you breath out you let it go. Namaste. and you move on.

So here I am, with all these plans to keep me busy and learning...and happy to have time to relax this holiday season. And as that old colombian new year's song says "Ano Nuevo Vida Nueva" New Year New Life - I am ready for my bigger blessings and my lucky new year!

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