Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Last February after watching The Secret, I sat down one snowy day to make my very own vision board. Inside a magazine I found in big bold letters THIS IS YOUR YEAR, I cut them out and stuck the phrase right in the middle of the board.

Now we are just 20 days from the end of the year and truth be told, THIS IS MY YEAR. It was filled with lessons of growth and a million blessings and even more love. Today I am better than a year ago, I cannot think of one area of my life that stayed the same, I grew up. The funny thing about the phrase is that although I feel blessed to have had this year, it also manifested very differently than what I would have thought would be a great year. In my head great feels soft and rich and comfortable....this year felt more light a cold fresh shower and it was the best. Just a lesson in how little we know.

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The Petrini Post said...

Hey Girl! Haven't seen you in a while. How's work going? Do you and your family have any special plans for the holidays?

I love to read your posts because you really know how to find the beauty around you and count the blessings the Lord has given you. You are such an example to me. Take care, and hopefully you will have a wonderful christmas and new years. (we will be out of town, so if I don't see you before we leave, Merry Christmas!!!)