Wednesday, December 19, 2007

the big 33!

Being so close to the end of the year I have decided to make a list of 33 things I will do next year. I am being inspired daily by people around at work, my daughter, my family and there are many things that are in my heart that I know would bring me a lot of joy and would help me grow and teach me more.

1. Start a compost. I don't have a yard, just a small front patio but I just read that you can even do it in your kitchen (which is also small). My county is giving out compost bins for free, so I will try them out first. A big plus is that this can be a project to do with Simone and my father, who is living at my house at the moment, will also be a big help.

2. I will walk/jog/yoga 3 times per week. In the last 3 years I have lost a some 20+ pounds and since Simone was born, close to 50. I was not gifted with thick firm skin and my years of vegetarianism have not helped either so I really need to do something about this. I am not having huge expectations other than enjoying myself and see the benefits in my body. Another big plus is at least a couple of evening walks with Simone.

3. I will stop eating dairy. I will not be a fanatic about this but I will not included in my daily diet. I have made great strides in this regard. I love dairy but I am not happy about the idea of dairy farming so I wish to limit this as much as possible. I also love soy milk and rice milk more each day.

4. I will get my LEED® AP accreditation.

5. I will start grad school, either environmental management or environmental policy with and emphasis on sustainable development.

6. I will volunteer for Habitat for Humanity.

7. I will be more disciplined about learning French. I will do it on my own in a set schedule or enroll in classes.

8. I will take a hotel vacation with Simone, preferably to Cozumel for some good snorkeling experience.

so it has taken me more than a month to finish...sadly I have not been really good at starting at many of these goals. Lovely Chantal will help me with #7 and I have started to listen to my French podcasts driving from work. I have worked out 2 times this year, that is not nearly as much as I wish to do it but it is more than what I did in the second half of '07. I have also been really good about cutting down on the dairy.....and so the list continues.

9. I will cut down dramatically on all refined carbs and sugars.....instead choosing to eat wholesome and healthy.

10. I will be powerful in words and actions. I will follow through at work and in my personal life, doing what I say I am going to do, when I say I am going to do it.

11. I will be gregarious and joyful. I have noticed in the past year that there are situations where I feel so shy that I am in panic inside. I may look normal outside but inside I want to run and hide...I breath myself through those moments. I also look at people who carelessly laugh and play and wish I could be there and do that. I think too much ALL THE TIME. I will be playful and fun.

12. I will go to 2 weddings and Europe this year. I want to go to 2 weddings in Colombia and I really want to visit some of the lovely friends I have in Europe and have not seen in ages...

13. I will give more love in my relationships. I will be more giving, I will be more thoughtful, I will give without thinking or expecting to receive.

14. I will be a mover and shaker at work at D&R and Uchuva.


chantal said...

i can help with number 7 - we can exchange messages in french!
look forward to seeing the rest of the list!
you have inspired me to start my own! Merci!

The Petrini Post said...

Hey, I had a great time the other night on our Girl's night out! I think John was a little jealous. Ha ha! ANyway, we need to totally do that again! Thanks so much! See you later and don't be a stranger!

chantal said...

alors, nous avons besoin de commencer avec numero 7! aussi, you mentioned that you will travel to europe this year. please be sure to come to paris when i am here! (i will be in the states from end of july to august). our apartment is small, but we would love to have you! let me know!!! xo, c