Tuesday, October 25, 2011


So as I sit on my new desk, read new files, meet my new staff, walk my new building, learn a new neighborhood, take on the new challenge...I'm once again reminded about the concept of "new" in my existence. Just when I think this is IT, the universe says "don't get too comfortable!"

I'm  used to it,  used to each year being so different, each season bringing a new routine, changes in my relationships, new jobs, new positions. I've gotten used to the constant movement. All this to say, that only now do I feel grateful for this ability to adapt and not take a moment or space too much for granted. Yes, many tears have been shed at learning this lesson, I still don't completely understand the purpose of so much movement and change,but now I accept the newness of it all and know in my heart that there is a bigger purpose I'm being prepared for. I suppose I'll just have to wait to find out.

In the meantime I'm just going make myself at home, wherever it is and for however long this lasts. Family picture are on display, Simone's art work on walls and desk. Yes, I'm ready!


María Cecilia said...

Hola Giselle! compartimos el match, estoy investigando leyendote para saber más de vos y ya estoy viendo a Simone y pensando en ella también para el intercambio, y quiero que que tengas la confianza de pedir lo que se te antoje si? esto me parece genial, y puede ser el comienzo de una linda amistad. besos, Ce

Giselle Taminez said...

Hola Ceci,
Que alegria encontrarte aca. Tambien pienso que puede ser el principio de una linda amistad. Gracias por tu ofrecimiento pero nos encantan las sorpresas. Un abrazo