Wednesday, July 20, 2011

ten years

My Dearest Simone,

I'm not really sure what it is about this birthday that fills me with nostalgia...maybe it's going into the 2 digits that brings you closer to teenage years or it's the fact that with you going to college in 8 years maybe I've already lived with you more than half of our time together. Maybe it's because my baby is growing up and although our story feels long and adventurous, it also feels like it was 2 minutes ago that I gave birth to you.

Today I want to ask you to never forget how amazing are!  During the teenage years that fill us with self doubt, remember that you are wonderfully perfectly imperfect which makes you unique and interesting. Remember that perfection is quite boring and impossible, so worrying about it, is a waste of time. Remember that we are all different and we should accept and rejoice in our differences. Accept others as they are and respect them. Let LOVE always be the guiding light for your actions and decisions. Love for yourself, love for life, love for others, love for nature, love for God.

So on this day; the 10th anniversary of the Magical Day that you came to this Earth to begin your lesson of life; I want to wish upon you, a life full of blessings, a life filled with joy, laughter, adventures, love, prosperity, sunshine, strength and bravery. Bravery to live life just as you want, pursue your dreams, fight for your ideals, love wholeheartedly and spread your wings for ever more.

Thank you for choosing me as your have been the sweetest and greatest gift in my life.

Te amo,


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