Tuesday, December 15, 2009

best of 2009 blog challenge: the best place

Barista Superstar

I always like to end my year reflecting on the experiences I had. I am always surprised to see how different each year is, for some reason, I am finding myself doing a different thing for a living each year. I am not sure I dislike it so much but a part of me does yearn to be able to say "I have been...for 5 years" so far, it all points to a new job in 2010. I am starting it with an open mind and heart, really not sure where it will take me or if I will like where it will go. I will do my best to make it the best and cease every chance to grow and give back to the company.

I am also ending the year with a strange awareness of how quickly life passes by and how I am REALLY do getting older. This I am really not that happy about because I feel that whatever I make of my life now, is what will be. Is what I will be telling my grandchildren about and what will define my legacy; yes I do want some sort of legacy. I think as a young woman I always dreaded the normalcy of life yet I am finding myself living it and actually enjoying it. I don't think down this path I will be making any contribution to the world, I am not altering history, I am not becoming the best at anything. There is a part of me that somehow expected I would change the world so in 2010 I have to find my path. I have to find that bigger goal then just existence and prosperity to propel my world. I feel deeply that there is something for me to do and I need to find it soon. So that is my main goal for this coming year. This thing I will do out of love, passion and the greater good of all.

So back to the blog challenge and somewhat related is the best place I went to in 2009. During spring break I went to Philadelphia to visit some amazing friends and after stuffing our bellies with Philly Cheese Steaks (mine was veggie of course) we saw this little bakery/cafe with a lady sitting outside enjoying a cappuccino. Natalia started talking to her and she suggested we go in for the experience. Needless to say, this was amazing....the french barista made each cup of coffee with such joy, creativity and passion that we could not stop smiling for the rest of the day. Not only did we have the best hot chocolate and coffee EVER but we learned so much from this man doing his craft. It was amazing.



Goddess Leonie said...

oh this is completely divine, sweet soul... bless you... and thank you for being you!

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