Thursday, October 18, 2007

happy soul....

In the midst of fear, pain and despair there has been so much love! And so many blessings....I don't have much to write today but I have really good news to confirm one week from now and I am so HAPPY!

Everything is coming together just perfectly....

With all this experience though, I have learned:

- to surrender
- to have patience
- increased faith
- be diligent
- be the truth
- to receive (what a hard one!)
- to ask
- to feel good all the way through
- to be grateful
- to see blessings, whichever form they manifest

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The Petrini Post said...

Hey, I can't wait to hear what this good news is in a week! So Linda says we are getting to gether Thursday night to paint Pumpkin ceramics right? What time are you thinking? I've available anytime in the after noon. Let me know. I say Simone and Mateo at Chuck E Cheese today. HOw swwet to be their grandparents. Take care!